A Message from Marcia on Prayer

We are a church called to do ‘Jesus Ministry’ and all that we do is birthed in prayer and covered in PRAYER.
Luke 4; 18-19

This is a year of growing. Here are a few ways we can start growing. We can grow in faith, grow in our prayer lives, and definitely grow in our reading of the Word.

Here is a quote I read this morning that I thought would be an encouragement to us, from Smith Wigglesworth devotion book.

“The words of Jesus are life—never think they are less. If you believe them, you will feel quickened. The Word is powerful;
It is full of faith. The Word of God is vital. Faith is established and made manifest as we hear the Word. Beloved, read the Word of God in quietude, and read it out loud, for “he who hears My Word” (John 5:24) to him it gives life.”
Psalms 119: 42-50

Pastors Jon and Garrett are teaching from the book of Romans on Sundays. Would like to encourage you this week to read the first 4 chapters of Romans or more – in preparing our hearts and also to be praying for the congregation hearts to be ready to hear and engage with the ministry of the Holy Spirit and The Word.  Pray for God Presence, God encounters and yes, for the Holy Spirit to fall in our midst.  To change and transform our lives to bring Glory and Honor to Him.

We want sin to lose it’s power over our lives. So let’s respond to His kindness that turns us from our sin and to His goodness. (Romans 2:4)

This study in Romans is equipping us to be able to stand strong and have answers for the hard questions in the days ahead.

Blessings and encouragement as we grow,
Prayer ministry leader,

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