FRO Prayer Teams in Daejeon South Korea

We have a FRO based team in South Korea teaching Living Free and praying for 70 students and 20 staff’s Original Designs. We have formed three prayer teams that are going strong even after crossing the international date line and a 16 hour time change. We are a little tired but energized by what God is doing here.

I will try to update this blog as we move to the next city on our itinerary. But for now let me answer your FAQ’s…

Q: How did FRO get invited to Daejeon SK?

A: I have been teaching at the Pastors seminars held in Kona HI for the last 6 years. One Pastor named Stuart Lee attended that seminar and asked me if I could bring a team to Korea. two years later we are here! Stuart is a ‘game changer’ type leader. It is radical and costly to establish a new Freedom ministry. Pray for him and his family that the Lord will bless and protect them!

Q: Isn’t this a bad time to travel to the Korean Peninsula?

A: The safest place any of us can be is in God’s will. This trip was planned over a year and a half ago. God knew exactly what would be happening here in April of 2017. The whole team feels totally safe and secure!

Q: What has been a highlight so far?

A: Two things, first- that we have seen so many answers to prayer in just three days of being here. This is a land of revival (compare the Pyongyang revival to the Azusa Street revival of about 100 years ago). As I have prayed for revival over the last 15 years things are starting to make sense. What God does at FRO on Pacific avenue God also wants to do across the Pacific Ocean. Second- that our prayer teams are not just from FRO! Sara from the Bothel Ministry is here at her own expense help us and serving on a prayer team. Also Hans (one of my former Kona students who live is Seoul) is here serving on a prayer team!

That’s all the time I have right now to answere questions but keep them coming and I will try to get the answers out soon! love from South Korea – Jon

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