Help me get in the Flow at FRO for 2017

I usually don’t talk about my own messages but this last one was for me as well as from me. Our thirst for 2017 came out of my mouth but was directed to my own heart. Based on Ezekiel 47 I need to move in God’s River- what He is doing and where He is going. I can’t control that.

There are two things I would suggest to you – one, read Ezekiel 47 and become familiar with the prophetic insights on the river that flows from the throne of God. This will make you aware of other references in scripture to this river but will also help you recognize  what God is doing now.

Two, where ever you are in your walk of faith-jump in with me! It will mean something different for all of us except for all of us it will require FAITH! You won’t be sorry. Let’s let God carry us in his stream of living water in 2017! – Jon

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