Prayer Team Training Class 2019

I remember some of the first times I prayed for someone prophetically and the Holy Spirit led us right to the point that the individual was struggling with and they were dramatically set free. At the time this was radically new to me! I now know that part of my ‘original design’ is to help people. I can see now that I always wanted to see others walk in joy, or at least do what I can to help that. This is also Jesus heart for us. The problem was I didn’t know how to really help someone. Remember when Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit? One of the names of the Holy Spirit is “Paraclete” (John 14:16) someone who will help you walk in joy and freedom when you need help. The Holy Spirit is really good at this! He knows when you need admonishment, persuasion, consoled, soothed, encouraged… you get the idea. All of these terms are our english definitions of what a ‘paraclete’ is.

If you would like to be used by the Holy Spirit to help others (and I believe simultaneously help yourself) come join us on Tuesday nights in January for prayer team training. It’s only five weeks and we have fun learning together!

Hope you can join us – Pastor Jon

If you have questions e-mail us.

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  1. Mattie Roberts says:

    When will you offer prayer training again, and is it open to anyone?


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