Soaking Service

Feeling rushed? Overwhelmed? Too busy? Then you need to soak in the Lords presence! We take our teaching very seriously here at FRO, but we realize conventional teaching only addresses a person’s intellect. What about our spirits?

Friday night November 20th starting at 6:30pm we are having a Soaking Service! Nothing to do at this service but relax and soak in God’s truth spoken over you. We will sing, worship (without the words so you can’t even be distracted by that) and prophecy over you.

This month we are celebrating our Jubilee (Lk 4:18-19). Jubilee technically means to make an announcement (by blowing the shofar or sounding the trumpet) so when Jesus was reading Isaiah 61 in Luke 4:18-19 he was making the announcement of announcements! It’s the time of God’s favor! The acceptable year of our God! Time for you to walk in your Jubilee! come join us and rehydrate in God’s truth over you! – Jonshofar

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  1. Kathy Hagala says:

    Soaking Services makes in me a strong want, a need to get deeper into God. Being surrounded by music of love and prayers fills me with the feeling of God’s presence, His love and His Joy in us. My head and heart and soul seem to respond as one during the time of soaking in God’s glory and love.


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