Thank you FRO and Happy Easter VLOG from Jon & Kathy

A short thank you for keeping the fire burning!

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  1. Cindy Becklund says:

    That’s why we are the church! Thanks so much for all you do and for trying your best. Dios me los bendiga!

  2. Lorin says:

    We love you too! Thank you for being such a blessing to us and for your beautiful hearts!<3

  3. Ashleigh Monta says:

    I think it was all meant to be the way it was supposed to be. It was kind of funny in a way. I just had posted for everyone to get there cracker and juice ready and then we went off air. …… Jesus just wanted to give everybody some extra time to go get there cracker and Juice ready LOL LOL. I was singing and praying . Even made up my own stuff sounded wonderful to me… LOL so it gave me my own time to praise jesus in my own words…. Woohooo! Amen.
    God bless you two and every one who works behind the scenes and OUR Worship team… You all are such wonderful Angels….. God Bless you All……!

  4. Cynthia Dryden-Conway says:

    Thank you! We love you too!

    Cindy and Chuck


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