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  1. James says:

    This was a great day that God revealed his hand working and restoring my family.
    Anyone who has been praying for there family to be restored and reconciled back
    to the father who is in heaven watching and listening to all of your prayers. Dont
    give up on praying, he does answer all who love him and has faith. God will answer
    in his timing and it He does not answer when we want him to although he does that as well.
    Restoration does not always come the way we think it should but in his perfect will and
    timing. It took three years of praying and putting prayer request in,and by my faith God
    did restore and and on this very day 5 of my family members got baptized and now my
    brother Bill is getting married here at church. Thank you God for your perfect love which I
    know I do not deserve but still you love me anyway. Thanks!!!!!
    Your Son and faithful servant James.


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