intro to revelation


  1. Kathy Jackson says:

    I know this is just the beginning with much more to come. My question (which will probably be answered) that I know others will pose to me is this, ” if all this takes place in the Mediterranean area, then is the Rapture only in that area also?”
    I know for certain this will be asked and as a newer Christian, I do not know which is why I take these classes to learn all I can about my Lord and Saviot.

    • Jon Graciano says:

      Thanks for your questions Kathy! The Biblical rapture will be world wide! Keep learning Jesus! God bless you!

    • That’s a great question, Kathy; thanks for posing it! And thanks, Jon, for answering it, since I hadn’t yet checked for comments attached to this message. Kathy, as Jon said, the biblical rapture will be worldwide, and will include all believers, both those who have died and those still living when Christ returns (1 Thessalonians 4.1-18). I’m so grateful for that, praise the Lord! The geographical focus of the Revelation stretches from Iran (Persia) in the East to Italy (Rome) in the West. This is because it describes events specifically pertaining to what the prophet Daniel called the End Time. Happily, though these special events occur in the Middle East and Mediterranean world, that geographical focus does not preclude what other prophecies describe as global events, like the gathering of God’s people “from one end of the heaven to the other” (Matthew 24.31).

  2. Tiffany says:

    I can’t see the video


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